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HNUST's Education Internship Base of "Heart and Warmth" Volunteer Teaching Service Team Established in Turpan,Xinjiang


Recently, Tang Yayang, the Party Committee Secretary of Hunan University of Science and Technology (HNUST), along with Vice President Xie Hui, led an inspection group to Xinjiang. The purpose of their visit was to attend the inauguration ceremony of the Internship Base for Education of HNUST’s “Heart and Warmth” Volunteering Group and to visit the alumni there. Their aim was to further improve the aid-education service provided by the volunteering group and make valuable contributions to the national “Building Xinjiang through Culture” Project.


On September 2, Tang and his team travelled to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, and Kashgar, to visit the alumni. During his remarks, Tang Yayang wholeheartedly praised the remarkable achievements of the Xinjiang alumni, who have dedicated themselves to the region’s prosperity. He reaffirmed HNUST’s unwavering support for the alumnus, emphasizing that the university would always stand behind them. Tang extended his best wishes to the alumni, welcoming them to return and visit HNUST. He emphasized the importance of their continued efforts and individual contributions in fostering the development of the frontier province and realizing the unity of the Chinese nation. In response, the alumni expressed deep gratitude for the nurturing provided by their alma mater and conveyed their heartfelt wishes for a bright future for HNUST.


In the evening, Tang’s group held a meeting with Chen Zhangjie, the Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary of Turpan City. Chen highly praised HNUST’s contribution to the construction of Xinjiang. During the meeting, both sides expressed their expectation for ongoing collaboration between the university and the province, with the hope that HNUST would continue to serve as a pioneer, empowering education and cultural development in Xinjiang.

On September 3, a momentous inauguration ceremony was jointly held by the AmanxiaSchoolin Lukqun Town of Shanshan County, Turpan City, and the NO. 4 Middle School of Gaochang District of Turpan. The ceremony, attended by Xie Hui, Gao Lianming (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanshan County and Deputy Commander of the Hunan -Xinjinag Paring Assistant Headquarter), and Zhou Liang (Deputy Mayor of Turpan City), marked the official unveiling of the internship base. Following the ceremony, Xie and her delegation also watched the performance of “Red Pomegranate”, the children’s choir of the Amanxia School. They also visited the theme parks of Chinese red culture and national unity at the NO.4 Middle School of Gaochang District. Subsequently, in-depth discussions were held, delving into the history, education, aid-education service, and the specifics of the forthcoming collaboration between the two schools.

According to the planned initiatives, the “Heart and Warmth” Volunteering Group of HNUST will establish special classes such as a “Reading Class” and a “Music Class” in both schools. Additionally, free courses like music, dance, calligraphy, and mandarin Chinese will be offered spontaneously. These efforts aim to strengthen HNUST’s aid-education and volunteering services in Xinjiang, elevating the quality of local education as well as fostering closer ties between the people of Xinjiang and Hunan.

(Translated by LING Qian, HUANG Nan)