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Introduction to Editorial Office of HNUST Journals

        Editorial Office of HNUST Journals aims at promoting the university’s academic influence and achievements of scientific researches at home and abroad. With the practical goal of hosting fine academic journals, it conscientiously keeps improving the journals’ academic and editing quality by carrying out a strict peer-reviewed policy, establishing first-rate editorial boards and strengthens the editors’ sense of fine work, responsibility and service. It takes as well a series of measures such as inviting special contributors and valuing the publications of papers supported by funds or derived from research projects to exert its journals’ leading and guiding role not only in academic researches but also in teaching and other practical applications. Thus, the papers published are concerned about targeting unsolved problems or exploring new research fields, or proposing new ideas or constructing new theories, or revealing new materials or presenting new arguments, which have made contributions to the progress of scientific researches and the construction of material and spiritual civilizations.

  The office currently hosts four journals: the Journal of Hunan University of Science and Technology (Natural Sciences Edition, hereafter “JHNUSTNS”), the Journal of Hunan University of Science and Technology (Social Sciences Edition, hereafter “JHNUSTSC”), the Mineral Engineering Research (hereafter “MER”) and the Theory and Practice of Contemporary Education (hereafter “TPCE”).

        JHNUSTNS, founder in 1983 and formerly known as the Journal of Xiangtan Institute of Mines, includes such permanent columns as Geological Mining, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Control Engineering, Chemical Engineering and so on. Indexed by the Engineering Index (EI), Chemical Abstracts (CA) and other nine domestic and international renowned abstracts and citation databases, it is one of the national outstanding universities’ natural and scientific journals, the national Chinese core journals and the Chinese science and technology core journals. It once won the second prize of the Ministry of Education’s outstanding scientific journals. In 2005, it was included in the “Chinese High-Quality Scientific Journals Database”, hence becoming a journal with international influence.

  JHNUSTSC, as a CSSCI source journal, adheres to the philosophy of “featured fame, innovative development”. It boasts particularly its column “Study of Mao Zedong” for its distinctive regional feature and high-quality academic papers. In 2006, it won the “Top 100 National Social Science Journals”, and its column “Study of Mao Zedong” was awarded “Excellent Column” of national social science journals. Henceforth, it won itself a variety of titles as “National Chinese Core Journal”, “CSSCI Source Journal” and so on in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. In 2012, it was awarded the second “Excellent Journal” prize by the Development Center of the Ministry of Education, with additional “Excellent Organization” prize. JHNUSTSC includes such permanent columns as Study of Mao Zedong, Current Exploration of Logic, Philosophy Research, Economic Perspective, Political and Legal Views, Historical Research, Education and Literary Research, etc.

  MER mainly publishes papers concerning mining science and engineering, mine safety and disaster prevention and control, mine geology and exploration, mineral processing and utilization, mining machinery and electric power, mining automation and information technology, mining environmental protection, mining engineering and other related academic disciplines.

        TPCE mainly publishes papers with innovative achievements in the study of contemporary educational theories and methods, including basic educational research, curricula and teaching reform, students’ ideological and political education, development of professional disciplines, teaching methods, etc.

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