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Tang Yayang Encouraged Freshmen to Be Intelligent in Sports


As the head teacher of the first class of sports training majors, Tang Yayang, Secretary of Party Committee of HNUST, recently visited the freshmen's dormitories of School of Physical Education. He urged the students to strengthen personal protection including keeping their dormitories clean and tidy, comply with pandemic control regulations during the pandemic and adjust to their college life as soon as possible.


Tang Yayang inspired the students to follow the Olympic spirit in practice and enjoy sports in exploration and dedication instead of blindly studying sports knowledge. He found it his honor to be the head teacher of the first class of sports training majors of HNUST, and to guard their growth. He hoped that everyone would strive to be a high-quality talent majoring in sports of the new era, not only strengthening their body but also cultivating personal quality, so as to be an intelligent sports major student.


Students said that the heart-to-heart talks in the dormitories narrowed the distance between Tang and them and gave them warmth of the head teacher and care of the school.

(Translated by PAN Zhuo, QIN Sijin)