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Building a Collaborative "University-High School" Educational Community


The Section of Recruitment and Employment of HNUST initiated a series of projects titled "Top Teachers Engaging High Schools: Collaborative Construction of an Educational Community between High Schools and Universities." The objective was to enhance exchange and cooperation between universities and high schools, establish a purposeful connection between higher education and secondary education, and assist students in gaining early insights into  universities, majors, and setting their aspirations. As part of this project, experts from various disciplines of HNUST were invited to deliver lectures in high schools focusing on topics such as scientific literacy, career planning, and choosing a major.

On December 7th, the Section of Recruitment and Employment organized four expert teams in the fields of Chinese, mathematics and English. These teams were led by Professor Li Shanlin from the School of Humanities, Professor Chen Shexi from the School of Mathematics and Computational Science, Associate Professor Tang Zhongshun and Associate Professor Xiang Jilin from the School of Foreign Studies. The teams visited Huaihua Yali Experimental School in Huaihua City and Qianyang No.1 Middle School of Hongjiang City.

The experts engaged in subject-specific discussions with high school teachers during classroom observations. Professor Li Shanlin, in his presentation titled "Approaches and Techniques for Chinese College Entrance Exam Preparation", exchanged ideas with Chinese teachers from two secondary schools. The focus was on "New Changes, Directions and Strategies for Chinese College Entrance Exam Preparation", particularly emphasizing strategies for essay writing. Professor Chen Shexi, in his talk titled "Understanding Curriculum Standards, Strengthening Foundations, Developing Literacy, and Enhancing Skills", provided insights into identifying innovative talents based on the fundamental attributes of mathematics. Associate Professor Tang Zhongshun, with his presentation titled "English Strategies for College Entrance Exams," comprehensively analyzed the essential components of English literacy within the context of the new curriculum standards for high school English education. He also gave a lecture on how to implement activity-based approach to language teaching and ways to enhance overall English instruction in senior high school. Associate Professor Xiang Jilin engaged in one-on-one conversations with senior three students to discuss career planning.

The Section of Recruitment and Employment has made significant contributions to enhancing the reputation of HNUST. This year, they delivered keynote speeches at the Chinese Higher Education Training Center Conference and Tencent Education (Chengdu) Conference. Additionally, through the "Famous High School Tour," they have actively engaged with middle schools in other provinces. Up to now, there has been a notable increase of 38 high-quality student bases established in these provinces.

(Translated by HE Yingyan and YANG Jingyi)