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Shaoyang City, Hunan Province and HNUST Promoted University-Enterprises Cooperation


On March 13th, Shaoyang Real Estate Registration Center, Shaoyang Remote Sense Association and School of Earth Sciences and Spatial Information Engineering in Hunan University of Science and Technology (HNUST) signed an agreement to promote collaboration between the university and the region, with the goal of integrating industry, academic, and research. Upon the release of the agreement, companies like Shaoyang Shunhe Spatial Technology Co., Ltd will receive support from their alma mater in various techniques including remote sensing monitoring, geological hazard monitoring, realistic 3D modeling, and ecological restoration of agriculture, forestry, and urban areas.

In recent years, remote sensing technology has been widely used in the"digital city"construction and "intelligence-applied agriculture, rural areas and farmers" services. Apart from its traditional focus on geological exploration, in December 2023, HNUST successfully launched the first satellite of the "HNUST Constellation" (named"HNUST-1"). This satellite is equipped with optical remote sensing technology and autonomous diagnostic intelligent tools, which will assist Shaoyang City in overcoming challenging geographical obstacles and promoting rural revitalization.

Yao Luan, a graduate from the class of 2004, shared, "I am currently working on geographical information at Guangdong Guodi Technology. When I came across the alumni association's invitation for alumni to return to Hunan, I quickly informed my company and initiated the Shaoyang project. I hope to utilize the scientific and technological resources of HNUST to benefit my hometown."

The strategic cooperation agreement between HNUST and the Shaoyang government was reached in December 2023 with the assistance of the local alumni association. It is reported that the two parties have reached a consensus on landing, declaration, achievementtransformation, education and training, workstation establishment, and construction of a science popularization base. The project is now moving into the full implementation stage.

(Translated by XIAO Suqin and YANG Jingyi)