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HNUST Seminar Explores Promotion of Hunan Province's "World-Class Mechanical Engineering Discipline"

On the afternoon of March 20th, HNUST held a conference to promote the construction of Mechanical Engineering of "World-class Disciplines" of Hunan Province, attended by Tang Yayang, Secretary of Party Committee of HNUST, Wang Weijun, Zhao Qiancheng, Xie Hui and Wang Jin, Vice Presidents of HNUST.


Tang Yayang fully affirmed the achievements in the construction of the mechanical engineering discipline. He emphasized that School of Mechanical Engineering should earnestly fulfil its principal responsibilities in constructing the discipline.Additionally, the School should strengthen its planning and clarify its tasks. Building on its discipline strengths, the School shouldremain focused on solving practical problems and addressing shortcomings in application of teaching achievements, establishment of national platform and cultivation of high-quality talents. Moreover, all departments should fulfill their duties and collaborate with others to promote the development of the mechanical engineering discipline.


The conference pointed out that the School should further improve its political commitment, deepen reform and innovation, and make coordinated contributions to developing talents, platforms, disciplines, courses and achievements in a coordinated way. In addition, the School should promote the coordinated development of school and scientific research institutions, strengthen the integration of teaching and researching, contribute to the cultivation of international talents, and improve the level of discipline construction.

Dai Juchuan, Dean of the school of Mechanical Engineering, made a report on discipline construction projects on mechanical engineering and other first-class majors. Following the report, allparticipants discussed on work related to discipline construction.

(Translated by LI Siyang and HE Yingyan)