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2023 Hunan Provincial Educational Postgraduate Teaching Skills Competition Successfully Concludes at HNUST


On the afternoon of November 17th, the opening ceremony of 2023 Hunan Provincial Educational Postgraduate Teaching Skills Competition was held in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of Lide Building of HNUST. HNUST organized the event under the auspices of the Education Department of Hunan. Liao Xiangyue, a member of the Party Committee of HNUST andvice president, and Liu Mengqing, a second-level researcher from the Degree Management and Graduate Education Department of the Education Department of Hunan, attended the ceremony. Li Haiping, the director of Graduate Affairs Office of the CPC HNUST Committee and the dean of the graduate school, chaired the event.


Liao Xiangyue emphasized that the primary objective of the competition is to enhance the quality of education for postgraduate students by promoting teaching, learning, and improving. He also encouraged the participants to prepare with a calm mindset and showcase their unique style.


Liu Mengqing stressed the importance of achieving high-quality development in education and cultivating "Four-Good" teachers whichmeans morally, intellectually, physically, and artistically qualified teachers. He stated that this competition provides an excellent platform for education graduate students to demonstrate their foundational teaching skills. He also expressed the hope that universities in Hunan would make efforts to enhance the teaching skills and innovation capabilities of education graduate students, thereby providing a robust talent pool for the high-quality and in-depth development of teacher education for Hunan.


On the next day, 118 educational postgraduate students, from nine universities in Hunan Province, took part in the competition and were divided into four groups. The competition is composed of three parts: teaching design and courseware making for 150 minutes, teaching of a segment for 10 minutes, teaching questions and on-site defense for 3 minutes. The participants impressed the audience with their excellent teaching skills and individualized teaching style, practical application of knowledge, as well as a harmonious blend of strength and artistry.


In preparation for the 2023 Hunan Provincial Educational Postgraduate Teaching Skills Competition, HNUST has formulated a detailed plan and carried out comprehensive organizational work to ensure the smooth progression of the competition. The leaders, supervisors and participants from various universities gathered at HNUST to exchange ideas and discuss the bright future of education.

(Translated by HE Yingyan and HU Zhuojun)