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Outcome-oriented Management Enables HNUST to Embrace a Brighter Future

Year 2022 was a crucial year to the development of Hunan University of Science and Technology (HNUST). Under the leadership of the Party Committee, we have overcome difficulties, promoted reforms and innovation, and steadily carried out all the tasks. During the course, the implementation of the outcome-oriented responsibility system was of great importance, which enabled us to solve difficult problems and make breakthroughs. In the past year, we adhered to the goal-oriented working pattern. By inviting everyone to participate and to take the responsibility, the outcome-oriented management has yield good results.

But there was still room for improvement, as is evidenced by the low task completion rates, the ineffectively-implemented responsibilities, the unbalanced development among institutions and in institutions themselves and a lack of motivation among some staff members.

In order to learn from the previous experiences and to keep the momentum going,  the 2023 Outcome-oriented Management Meeting was held in HNUST on February, 13rd, the first day of the new term, calling on us to further the outcome-oriented endeavors in high spirits.

Compared with the last year, there will be four changes in this year’s work. Firstly, in 2023, the overall task completion rate of all institutions are expected to be higher than that of 2022. Secondly, all institutions should focus on the 14th Five-Year Plan and the strategy of “353” of HNUST. Thirdly, all institutions should aim at achieving breakthrough results, as the university will highlight the level of contribution of all the units in terms of their core indicators.  Lastly, in accordance with the task completion rate, the performance of all the institutions will be put into different rating levels so as to ensure positive incentives for all.

Pressure enhances motivation. Most institutions responded that they were full of confidence in realizing the set goals. Many institutions had held mobilization meeting before the meeting to set their goals and specify their own tasks. And those who lagged behind in the assessment all expressed that they would make more efforts and try to do better in 2023.

As the old saying goes, “The last leg of a journey marks the halfway point.” We must be clear that some targets, especially those core indicators can never be achieved easily. There will be many obstacles to surmount. Tang Yayang, the Secretary of the Party Committee reminded us repeatedly that we should make more efforts in conceptualization, planning, mobilization and management. In order to give a satisfactory answer to all HNUSTers, we will do better in the work of goal management and assessment.  

In spring we set off and march towards victory. It can be expected that we will advance to a new and higher level in one year’s time. We, HNUSTers, are ready to make steady progress and to build a brighter future for our university.

Translated by LI Lan and YANG Ye