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[Hunan Daily] New Era's "Lei Feng Spirit" Ignites Widespread Enthusiasm Across Hunan Province

After the release of the inaugural list of "New Lei Feng for a New Era" in Hunan province, it aroused widespread excitement across the province. People all expressed the importance of learning from and carrying forward the Lei Feng spirit, so as to pass it on from generation to generation.

Wang Ying, a policeman from the Technical Squad of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that Changsha Public Security Bureau is the people's police force in Lei Feng's hometown, and Lei Feng Police Station is a public security army that carries on the legacy of the red gene. Wang Ying expressed that as a forensic policeman at the front-line of fighting against crime, he carries the sacred duty of safeguarding society and the people. He aspires to embody the "New Lei Feng for the New Era" in the hearts of the people and will achieve this personal goal with more enthusiasm and more pragmatic actions.

Zhao Jiatong, a 21st grade student of Mineral Resources Engineering of School of Resources Environment and Safety Engineering, University of South China, (USC), said that as a student of Professor Ding Dexin, a leading figure in the field of uranium mining and metallurgy, we should learn the patriotic spirit of striving to be stronger, the hardworking spirit of confronting difficulties, the dedicative spirit of self-sacrifice and the steadfast spirit of creativity exemplified by Professor Ding. And in order to contribute our youth and wisdom to the development of China's nuclear industry, we should study hard, sharpen our skills and strive for progress.

Green Construction and Intelligent Building is the future of the construction industry. Zhang Zhen rigorously studies BIM technology and "one-click carbon accounting", placing herself at the forefront of the green development in the construction sector. Liu Zhicheng, a quality management specialist in the Science and Technology Management Department of CHINA MCC20 GROUP CORP. LTD, told the reporter that builders should take Zhang Zhen as an example, nurturing a love for their work and striving for excellence. In the new era, builders should not only maintain the traditional virtues of resilience and perseverance, but also excel in advanced precision research, enhance productivity and reduce costs so as to endeavour to achieve intelligent construction and green building, and make unremitting efforts to satisfy people's needs for the future of the industry.

Chen Zhijun, a Deputy Director of the Chen Shuxiang Martyrs' Memorial Hall in Dao County, said that studying Wu Jianhong allows him to find the direction of his efforts at work. The Chen Shuxiang Martyrs Memorial Hall was established in a short period of time. There is a notable scarcity of relevant cultural relics and historical materials, which poses a significant challenge in terms of enriching the hall's collections. The Memorial Hall is dedicated to searching and collecting, and has received some precious historical relics in recent years. Chen Zhijun believes that they should be as diligent and persevering as Wu Jianhong, and endeavour to enhance the collection of cultural relics and to ensure the thriving development of Cultural Heritage and Museology.

A couple named Tang Junhua and Wu Yanfang, from Jintouxu Town, a division of Dong'an County, Hunan Province, have been dedicated to grassroots work for 23 years. Their dedication has deeply touched Huang Jiaqiang, a deputy chief physician of the Orthopedics Department of Xiangtan Central Hospital. He regards the couple as his role models as they have devoted youth and enthusiasm to protecting the lives and health of people. He stated, "We should not only perform well in the daily work at the hospital, but also make it possible to provide high-quality medical resources and convenient services through various means including free clinics for people who live far away from the town and have limited health knowledge."

Yang Wenxuan, a student volunteer from the Li Jinhui Music School at Hunan University of Science and Technology, was deeply inspired by the dedication of volunteer teacher, Wang Yulin, who exemplified perseverance in teaching. So what is the essence of volunteer teaching? It is to try to make children open their hearts; It is to make them become confident from confusion through continuous encouragement. "Perseverance" is easier said than done, but Mr. Wang has made it. Yang was inspired by Mr. Wang's example and expressed a steadfast determination to pursue a role as a volunteer teacher.

Furthermore, Feng Cheng, a member working on rural revitalization in Kaihui Village of Changsha State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Group Co., Ltd., was impressed by Secretary Zhu Youzhi's story. Feng noted that Mr. Zhu undertakes a demanding workload as he deals with village affairs in the daytime while writing books in the night. In his everyday life, Mr. Zhu is always showing his firm belief of a Communist Party Member, playing a leading role and deeply influencing people around him. As a member of the Kaihui Village Rural Revitalization Task Force, Feng is determined to stick to his belief and spirit to contribute to the development of the village.

Xie Qing, Director of Hunan Provincial Propaganda Department, believes that Hunan's innovation in carrying out the major "New Lei Feng for the New Era" study public engagement activities in Hunan serves to promote the Lei Feng spirit in Hunan and cultivate a large number of "New Lei Fengs in the New Era", actively contribute to the new journey in the era. And the activities provide spiritual strength and tangible support for the continuous cultivation and promotion of Chinese Socialist Core Values, amassing the collective moral resolve necessary for building a modernized New Hunan. They also contribute to the realization of the “Three Highs and Four News” strategy.

(Translated by HU Zhuojun and WANG Jiayi)