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The Charter of HNUST of 2023 Approved

Recently, the Charter of HNUST of 2023 was approved by the Education Department of Hunan Province with immediate effect.

Approved by the provincial Education Department and filed with the Ministry of Education of China, the Charter of HNUST (the First Edition) was issued in 2014 and had its first revision in 2018. To strengthen its role as the cornerstone of the Charter, HNUST, taking the policies of the Communist Party of China, the general strategies of the university and the requirements of the provincial Education Department into consideration, started the revision work in June of 2022.

Attaching great importance to the revision work, HNUST established a group led by the Secretary of the Party Committee of HNUST and the President of HNUST and directed by the Party Office and the President Office. The revision included several phases such as research, compilation and deliberation where editors absorbed suggestions from multiple parties including higher authorities, experts in HNUST, representatives of faculty and students as well as alumni representatives of HNUST. At last, the 2023 Revision was submitted to the provincial Education Department of Hunan Province in May of 2023.

Consisting of 12 chapters with 93 rules and totaling nearly 13,000 words, the 2023 Charter keeps pace with the times and conforms to the national laws and regulations, the development of higher education mechanism and the characteristics and advantages of HNUST. In accordance with the new Charter, the university will further promote the modern university mechanism and the management system and seek development of administration of the university by law.

(Translated by LING Qian and HUANG Nan)