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Journal of HNUST (Social Science Edition)Garners National Recognition as An Authoritative Publication in Higher Education


From September 22nd to 25th, the 35thAnniversary Celebration Conference and the Third Session of the Ninth Council of the Chinese Society of College Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences were held at China Three Gorges University in Yichang, Hubei Province. The conference announced the results of the Seventh Quality Inspection and Evaluation Activity of University Social Science Academic Journals.Journal of Hunan University of Science and Technology (Social Science Edition) was awarded the title of “National Authoritative Social Science Journals in Universities”.

Chinese Society of College Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences (hereinafterreferred to as CSCJHS) is one of the most important organizations of academic journals in China, overseeing academic journals in universities and colleges. The evaluation activity set up four levels of awards in the journal category and assessed 21 factors across four dimensions, including criteria in political standards,journal quality standards, editingstandards and publication standards. Among the four-level awards, “National Authoritative Social Science Journals in Universities” and “National University Outstanding Social Sciences Journals” wereselected for inclusion in theNational Core Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences in Chinese Universities.

In terms of the award, theJournal of HNUST (Social Science Edition) has received high praise from National Social ScienceJournals of Universities.In response to this recognition, our journal’s publishing team is committed to enhancing publishing capacity and contributing to the construction of the academic discipline. It is also essential to make efforts to build a high-level comprehensive university withdistinctive characteristics and both domestic and international influence, while developing the social sciencesystem with Chinese characteristics.

(Translated by XIE Wenjie and HU Zhuojun)