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The History Showroom of School of Mechanical Engineering Unveiled

On the afternoon of November 6th, the opening ceremony of the history showroom of School of Mechanical Engineering of HNUST was held in Lide Building. Liu Youjin, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of HNUST, Vice President Zhao Qiancheng, Minister of the Department of Publicity, Zhou Zhihua, and Director of the Marine Laboratory, Wan Buyan, as well as the laureate of the award of Nationwide Most Beautiful Teacher, Dai Juchuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Mechanical Engineering of HNUST, Bin Guangfu, Director of the key laboratory in mechanical equipment maintenance of Hunan Province, relevant officials and teacher and student representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Chen Wu, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Mechanical Engineering.

Together with Zhao, Liu unveiled the nameplate of the showroom. In his opening address, Liu recollected the history and achievements of School of Mechanical Engineering, pointing out that we should look ahead and cultivate talents for the rejuvenation of Chinese nation.


According to Dai’s introduction, the construction of the showroom started in April 2021, and it is currently coming to an end. The whole building process, material and data collection and both the inside and outside display areas, all speak of the fruit of efforts coming from each individual of the school. Dai emphasized that the motto of HNUST and the core value of School of Mechanical Engineering would be born in mind by every Schooler, to make full use of the showroom.


The teacher representative Wen Zejun introduced the history of School of Mechanical Engineering briefly and stressed the showroom’s significance for the school's development. Coming back to alma mater as the chief executive officer of TBE (Talk Bar Education), Li Chen, the alumnus representative shared his campus story with all the attendees, while the student representative Li Le reviewed his gains in school. Gathering together and sharing their feelings with each other, all the representatives determined to create a better future with School of Mechanical Engineering.



After the ceremony, the attendees paid their visit to the history showroom. Located on the third floor of the Ligong Building, the showroom covers an area of around 300 square meters, consisting of an interior showing zone as well as the exterior reading zone. The two zones shoulder different tasks: the interior zone shows the accomplishments of the school, while the exterior one, using wall as the display board, presents the school’s blueprints in various aspects.

(Translated by HUANG Nan and LI Siyang)