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HNUST Undergraduate Yang Xiao Publishes Research in Top Applied Physics Journal

Under the guidance of Dr. Zeng Yujia and Professor Zhou Wuxing, Yang Xiao, a junior from School of Materials Science and Engineering of HNUST, has made great progress in the study of thermal transport properties in low symmetrical 2D materials and published the research findings titled “Understanding the Importance of Four-phonon Scattering in Low Symmetry Monolayer 1T’-ReS2 Using Machine Learning Potential” in Applied Physics Letter, one of the top journals in physics and also one of the first journals indexed by Nature Index.


The study of thermal conductivity is of great significance in the field of semiconductor, and the mechanism of thermal transport in low symmetrical materials remains to be explored.


The research reveals a new approach to controlling the thermal conductivity of low symmetrical materials, which lays the theoretical foundation for further studies.

The study has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 12074115), Hunan Province Science and Technology Plan (No. 2023RC3176), Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province of China (No. 2023JJ40273) and the Research Fund of Education Department of Hunan Province of China (No. 23B0495).

(Translated by CHEN Na, LI Siyang)