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HNUST-Led Project Wins Acceptance


On May 8th, the “Geospatial Information Technology and Applications”, an Innovative Research Group Project of the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, which was led by HNUST, successfully passed the integrative performance evaluation organized by the Science and Technology Department of Hunan. The acceptance meeting was presided by Xie Jingbo, the minister of the Science and Technology Business Center in Hunan Province. And expert panel was composed of experts in areas of technology and finance from universities, such as National University of Defense Technology, Central South University and Hunan Normal University. Wang Jin, a Member of Party Committee of HNUST and Vice President, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Currently,the Innovative Research Group Project of the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province is the basic research project that receives the highest level of funding among all projects supported by the foundation. Li Chaokui, the Director of National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Geo-Spatial Information Technology, made a report on the project on behalf of his team. The research team worked with geospatial information technology and its application, focused on "The acquisition, processing, modeling and application of geospatial information", aimed at the specialized direction, such as the large-scale fine spatial and temporal geographic information acquisition and data processing methods and technologies, and has borne excellent fruits like the space-air-ground integrated urban three-dimensional data collection platform. The research team had achieved remarkable results in national-level projects.

The expert group unanimously commented that the project passed the acceptance through serious considerations and evaluation. They also fully affirmed the scientific and technological innovation ability of HNUST and social service effectiveness in the field of geospatial information with guiding suggestions on accelerating the transformation of achievements.

(Translated by HE Yingyan and YANG Jingyi)