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The Opening Ceremony Celebrates 34 Years of Struggle

On the morning of October 20th, the opening ceremony of the history showroom of School of Architecture and Art Design was held in the hall of Block B, Lizhi Building by HNUST. Many attended the ceremony including Li Lin, Vice President of HNUST, Zhou Zhihua, Member of the Party Committee of HNUST, Zhou Zhi, one of the alumni, Wu Zhijun, Dean of School of Architecture and Art Design, Yu Hanwu, Secretary of Party Committee of the School, Wu Yue, Former Dean of the School, Wu Guozheng and Yang Yuan, Deputy Deans of the School and Ma Zhongshi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School. The ceremony presided over by Yu Hanwu was witnessed by leaders of relevant majors and representatives of teachers and students.


At the ceremony, the showroom of School of Architecture and Art Design was inaugurated by Li Lin and Zhou Zhihua. The historical materials collected and compiled by the showroom record the School’s evolution of 34 years and unfold its history of establishment, struggle and development. Li briefly introduced the background and high-light achievements of School of Architecture and Art Design in her opening address, encouraging each of us to learn from the past and forge ahead.


Wu Zhijun, during the past year, the faculty and staff, the retired, and the graduated alumni all offered their suggestions and made donations for building the showroom. Besides, over 100 students participated in its design and construction. But for the help and the joint effort from them, the showroom could not have been built eventually.

“We have learned lessons from the past to pave the road for the future. It’s my great honor to be here to witness the inauguration of the history showroom of School of Architecture and Art Design, and I do have so much to express for the past thirty years of teaching,” said Wu Yue, the teacher representative. Wu mentioned his personal experience and the development of the school and showed his respect for the pioneering professors who had devoted themselves into the school’s construction. He also urged the students to keep pace with the time and boast everlasting enthusiasm for study.

With the ceremony as the turning point, Zhou Zhi revisited HNUST and shared his beautiful memories during his school days as the representative of the first batch of graduates of industrial design major 18 years ago. In his speech, Zhou expressed his concerns for the development of his alma mater and school all the times.

The student representative, Han Nana, a graduate student of the class of 2021 pointed out that the showroom made itself more than a platform to recall the good old days, but to cherish what we have owned currently and to see the big picture of future for every member of School of Architecture and Art Design.


Later, all the attendees visited the showroom and took a group photo together to mark the occasion. It is reported that the showroom covers an area of 108 square meters, multi-dimensionally presenting the achievements of the school in various fields like talent cultivation and scientific research.

(Translated by SHU Ting, LI Nan)