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[Xinhua News Agency] HNUST Holds the Second Cherry Blossom Music Festival

On April 2nd, the Second Cherry Blossom Music Festival of HNUST was held in the athletic field. The crowd resonates with music, enjoying and appreciating the unique charm from this great music feast in spring.


The music festival was held by the Youth League Committee of HNUST. After months of multiple competitions from preliminary contest to intermediary contest, 22 singers and bands, both internal and external, were invited to perform on stage. Based on the idea of "moving and cultivating students with beauty", the activity aims to provide a platform for music lovers to perform and allow students to feel the beauty of music apart from studying, so as to cultivate students' healthy personality.


On stage, performers, with their youthful sincerity and energy, presented a specialaudio-visual feast for the audience. The program includes well-prepared classical songs, as well as adaptations and original compositions. Performers use music to convey a sense of active vitality. As spotlights flicker and fluorescent lights sway, the performers receive warm responses and continuous applause. Through the power of music, the audience is brought together in excitement, and the atmosphere gradually reaches a climax amidst the cheers of the crowd.

(Translated by HU Zhuojun and HE Yingyan)