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The Launch of 2024 "One School, One Book" Reading Promotion Campaign at HNUST

On the evening of April 23rd, the launching ceremony for World Book Day and 2024 the"One School, One Book" Reading Promotion Campaign was successfully held in Li Jinhui Hall.


Huang Ren, Vice President of Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), He Zelong, Vice President of HNUST, and Wang Rong, Deputy Director of Higher Education Devision of Department of Education of Hunan Province,attended the event, along with Shen Aifei, Director of Xiangtan Library. Other heads of relevant functional departments and representatives of teachers and students from various schools also attended the event.

Huang Ren expressed that reading could shape people's perspectives on the world. He mentioned that in recent years, HNUST has carried out a rich variety of reading activities with government departments and communities and played an important role in promoting reading among the general public in Xiangtan. Through this, HNUST has contributed its strengths to the construction of a "Literary Xiangtan". He hoped that HNUST could collaborate with Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to fully exert their own advantages to build a shared foundation of ideas and values, and to gather strength for the school's "Double First-Class" initiative and high-quality socio-economic development of Xiangtan.


He Zelong emphasized the importance of reading in cultivating the interest of all people in reading, which was not only conducive to the construction of a learning society and an innovative country, but also to the implementation of the strategy for invigorating China through science and education and the strategy of developing qualified workforce. He mentioned that 2024 is a crucial year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, and the reading festival activities should be integrated into the overall vision and the construction of HNUST. This integration is helpful not only in establishing HNUST's brand of promoting reading, but also in enhancing the overall appeal of Xiangtan City.


On the occasion of World Book Day, Wang Rong expressed the expectation that HNUST should take the launch of "One School, One Book" reading promotion campaign as an opportunity to strengthen its development of an enthusiastic reading culture on campus. This includes providing more guidance to students in their reading habits, and improving the quality and diversity of reading materials available. The libraries should also raise their service standards, enrich the digital reading resources and actively work towards constructing a collaborative and dynamic environment and a campus with avid readers, contributing to fostering a strong culture of love for reading.


Shen Aifei commented, guided bypeople-centered philosophy respecting readers' diverse needs, Xiangtan Library had progressed with the times by innovating its service concepts and models. It launched an array of activities on national reading to foster a strong culture of love for reading in Xiangtan. She hoped Xiangtan Library could promote all-round cooperation in aspects like resources co-construction and sharing and reading promotion to make more literature resources widely available and the cultural rights equally enjoyed by every reader, therefore raising the scientific and cultural level of the whole society.


Yan Shengyong, Director of Library of HNUST, reported on progress made in the reading promotion campaign. He also expressed appreciation for leaders' supports and highlighted achievements in fostering an enthusiastic reading culture across campus.

During the event, awards were bestowed upon individuals and groups by HNUST, the Library Working Committee of Higher Education in Hunan Province and the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. Luo Zhenjun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of School of Humanities of HNUST, recognized as an "Excellent Reading Promoter", and Liu Gongling, a student representative of School of Mechanical Engineering, shared their experiences and insights with the audience.


In closing, Huang Ren, Liu Liangting, He Zelong, Wang Rong, Zhen Zhangfei, Gong Jiaoteng, Shen Aifei and Yan Shengyong jointly launched the 16th Reading Festival of HNUST in 2024.

(Translated by CHEN Na and XIE Wenjie)