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Tree Planting Day Shows HNUST's Alumni Ties


On March 12th,Wei Wushu and Qi Li, President and Vice President of Shaoyang Alumni Association, along with Wang Liqiong, an alumna of 2000 of the School of Physics and Electronic Science, visited their Alma Mater HNUST in response to the call of "Alumni + Education" initiative. They expressed their gratitude to HNUST by planting Acacia tree.


March 12ththis year is the 46th International Tree Planting Day. HNUST launched series of activities to mark this occasion. Zhao Qiancheng, a member of the Party Committee of HNUST and Vice President of HNUST, joined heads of departments and colleges of HNUST, alumni representatives, and volunteers from the faculty and students, in planting and caring for trees.


On behalf of Shaoyang Alumni Association, Wei Wushu donated 500,000yuanto HNUST to support academic activities. He expressed his gratitude for the platforms provided by HNUST, the help he received from the faculty and alumni. He believed that these efforts together contributed to the betterment of HNUST!


Wang Liqiong said, "Rome was not built in a day. Growing up in a financially unstable household, I develop a rather introverted personality, finding it hard to connect with others. Fortunately, I received a lot of support from the university leaders, teachers and classmates. These four years were the highlight of my life."Five years ago, Wang Liqiong returned to HNUST and planted a Chinese yews garden. This time, she donated 600 Chinese yews to the university and planted them in the East Square of Minxing Building. Following the Plum Blossom Garden and the Azalea Garden, this was the third garden donated by alumni.

During the event, Chen Chenxu, a freshman from the School of Physics and Electronic Science, spoke about the importance of taking initiative. He encouraged his fellow students to get involved by planting trees, getting their hands dirty, and contributing to the beautification of HNUST and the nation.

With HNUST's "alumni return to Hunan" program, a growing number of alumni have recently come back to Hunan to start their own businesses andsupport the development of the region.Motivated by their appreciation for their alma mater, many of these alumni have expressed their gratitude by giving lectures and making generous donations.

(Translated by TAN Jingni and WANG Jiayi)