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Research Developments

First Prizes of Mechanical Design Come to the School of Mechanical Engineering

From May 12th to 13th, the Eighth National Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition of Hunan was held in Hunan Institute of Engineering, gathering 243 entries of more than one thousand teachers and students from 33 universities and colleges. Going through all procedures of the contest, 9 teams from the School of Mechanical Engineering, HNUST obtained great achievements with 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 3 third prizes.
The two first prize winners witnessed the best achievement that HNUST has made over the last decadeone is “Rotatable Petal Around the Street Lamp Pole for Bicycle Parking” under the guidance of teacher Li Changping, and the other is “Portable Smart Electric Device for Fruit Picking and Collecting” with the instruction of two teachers, Zhu Biwu and Kang Huimin.
To improve the abilities of candidates and the quality of their works, teachers and students from the School of Mechanical Engineering attached great importance to the competition. Before the contest, members of the 9 teams had been selected through two rounds of competition, in which they challenged themselves time and again so as to make constant progress, and they also had learned a lot in cooperation. “I was so lucky to meet my teammates. At that time, we discussed in the classroom and worked outside together.” Xi Xiaomiao, a contestant from HNUST, said after the contest, “We also want to extend our sincere thanks to our teachers for their precious suggestions. For me and for each contestant, this competition is a significant chance to challenge and transform ourselves.” 
(Translated by Luo Yan, Yu Ling)