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Research Developments

A Paper by HNUST team Published in International Leading Journal

OnDecember 13th, Liu Yunxin, an Associate Professor of HNUST, published a paper entitled Direct observation of nanoscale light confinement without metal” in Advanced Materials, an international leading journal with impact factor of 21.95. Its preliminary related papers were published in 2013, which was selected in top 1%of highly cited papers by ESI.
Manipulating photons in nanoscale pushes forward the researches of photon computing and photonic integrated chips, which run faster than electronic computers, and its applications also have bright prospectsin the fields of micro-optical therapy and nano-laser surgery, etc.
Canadian Professor Jacob theoretically predicted the possibility of light confinement by using non-metallic nanostructures in 2014, but it had not been experimented. However, Liu’s research showed thedirect observation of strong nanoscale light confinement without metal, whichhad taken an important step forward in promoting the development of photon computer, non-invasive medical treatment in nanohotonics, etc.
“The publication of this paper marks the beginning a new phase,and how to better control the width of the spectrum will be the next research direction.” Liu said with confidence.
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Liu Yunxinstudied and made researches in Xiangtan University, Tsinghua University, and University of Leuven in Belgium for cooperative research. He is Vice Dean of the School of Physics and Electronic Science of HNUST, and academic leader of "Advanced Optical Information Materials and Devices Research Team". Meanwhile, Liu has presided 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and published more than 60 SCI papers in Advanced Materials, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed and other magazines.He also has applied 7 national patents, 4 of which have been authorized.
(Translated by Song Dan)