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Research Developments

HNUST Obtains Good Results in China Universities Industrial Design Competition

Recently, the Award Ceremony of 2018 China Universities Industrial Design Competition was held at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. HNUST students, from the School of Architecture and Art Design, have won one gold medal, one bronze medal and two excellence awards, of which Mei Linrui, Chen Dongqin and Xiao Boyi, directed by Wu Han, won the gold medal in the national final; Xiao Huaizhong, Yang Qinlin, Shan Zhengping and Liu Shichang, led by Liu Xuemei, won the bronze medal. In addition, Wu Han was presented the “Excellent Guide Teacher Award”.
The competition is directed by Department of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, co-sponsored by Teaching Guidance Sub-committee of Industrial Design Department of the Ministry of Education, Department of Education of Guangdong Province and Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province, and organized by Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
A total of more than 40,000 pieces of works from 29 provinces participated in the competition, where 10 gold, 35 silver, 74 bronze medals and 191 excellence awards were selected. Students of HNUST actively participated in the competition, showing strong comprehensive strength and a good mental outlook.
Leaders of the School of Architecture and Art Design have attached great importance to the development of students' ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and practical skills of design. In recent years, students have won awards in international and national competitions, and the School of Architecture and Art Design has obtained outstanding organization awards.
(Translated by Li Fei)