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HNUST Students Win Special Prize in ERCC

The final of the eighth Educational Robot Contest of China (ERCC) was held on Guilin University of Electronic Technology Beihai Campus from November 2nd to 4th. HNUST students achieved outstanding results, including one special prize, two first prizes and one second prize under the guidance of teacher Zeng Zhaofu. the team of Huang Yongxiang, Yu Zhi and He Tao, and the team of Peng Xiangyu, Tan Guodong and Deng Rujing won the national special prize and first prize respectively. Meanwhile, the team of Xiang Peng, Li Jie and Gu Zhenyu. and the team of He Xianke, Lai Zhiyao and Li Jian won the nationwide first prize and second prize respectively.
More than 1,000 students from over 100 universities attended the contest. The contest was co-sponsored by CAAI, Administrative Committee of Beihai Hi-Tech Industrial Development zone, and Songshan Lake TechX Institute, co-organized bySongshan Lake Xbot Park, Science & Education for All Children Co. Ltd, Guangxi HengxinBoda Education Investment Co. Ltd, and co-hosted byIntelligent Robot Board under CAAI, Advisory Board for Discipline of Mechanics under Ministry of Education, Guilin University Of Electronic Technology, Beijing Normal University, SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Science & Education for All Children Co. Ltd and Hunan Junkele Robot Technology Co. Ltd.
In recent years, students’ practical skills and ability to innovate and start businesses have been highly emphasized in the School of Information and Electrical Engineering. Relying on Innovative Training Center for College Students of Information and Electrical Engineering, 9 Theme Innovation Labs have been established, all of which are equipped with instructors. Almost 200 students are trained in this center per year. It also has encouraged students to take part in different kinds of competitions, yielding good results.
News Link: ERCC is sponsored by CAAI, organized by Science & Education for All Children Co. Ltd and co-organized by Intelligent Robot Board under CAAI, Advisory Board for Discipline of Mechanics under Ministry of Education, whose purpose is to propel the application of EDU-ROBOT in class and promote the popularization and implementation of robot-assisted teaching. Since 2011, ERCC has been held for eight years in a row, winning the acknowledgement and support from many experts and scholars both at home and abroad. It has grown in scale and influence along with the increasing number of participants. 
(Translated by Song Dan)