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Research Developments

HNUST Student Wins the First Prize in National Metallographic Skills Competition

Recently, the seventh National Metallographic Skills Competition for College Students, sponsored by Materials Major Teaching Advisory Board Under the Ministry of Education, came to a successful conclusion in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Under the guidance of Chen Yuqing, Zhou Peng and other outstanding teachers from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, HNUST contestants scored good achievements. Yu Wenfang won the first prize, which is the best record in the history of HNUST. Li Yuting and Liu Yan won the second prize and the third prize respectively. Besides, Zhou Peng was awarded the Excellent Guide Teacher.
This competition is the top grade competition of its kind. Therefore, HNUST attached great importance to the preliminary contest of this competition. Yu Wenfang, Li Yuting and Liu Yan stood out from 55 contestants for their wonderful performances and were selected to compete with more than 600 contestants from other excellent universities such as Tsinghua University in following rounds. And at last, they got good results for themselves and HNUST.
(Translated by Deng Xiaohui, Yu Ling)