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Research Developments

4 New Undergraduate Majors Added to HNUST

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education announced the records and approval results of undergraduate majors in colleges and universities in 2020. The application of HNUST for adding four undergraduate majors, namely, intelligent materials and structures, integrated circuit design and integration systems, emergency technology and management, and sports training, was successfully approved by the Ministry of Education.

In recent years, HNUST has continuously promoted the construction of first-class undergraduate majors, accelerated the upgrading and transformation of traditional advantageous majors, and cultivated new advantageous characteristics of majors. Launched in June last year, this application was actively planned, carefully prepared and repeatedly demonstrated by the Academic Affairs Office and the Application School of HNUST

In the following days, HNUST and relevant departments will attach great importance to the project and its implementation, increase support for the construction of new majors, strengthen the construction and management of newly established majors, and continuously improve the quality of talent training.

The Introduction to New Undergraduate Majors

01 Integrated Circuit Design and Integration Systems

As one of the key disciplines in China at present, the design and production of integrated circuits and the design of various information systems based on integrated circuits are core technologies of information industry, which are strategic, basic and leading industries that support the economic and social development and ensure national security. The major aims to train advanced integrated circuit and electronic system integration talents urgently needed at present by learning related system knowledge such as circuit, computer, signal processing, communication, etc.

02 Emergency Technology and Management

Emergency technology and management major integrated with engineering, safety, machinery, electromechanical, law and management is comprehensive and cross-disciplinary. It aims to cultivate professional talents mastering the basic theories, methods and skills in emergency technology and management, possessing the ability to research and develop emergency rescue equipment, assess and prevent disasters and endowed with the quality of emergency decision-making and management in the whole process of emergencies and disasters.

03 Intelligent Materials and Structures

Intelligent manufacturing is an important part of China's manufacturing power strategy, and intelligent materials are the foundation, core and source power of intelligent manufacturing. Geared to the national strategy of strengthening the country with intelligent manufacturing, the major trains applied senior technical talents who systematically master the design principles, process development, performance testing of intelligent materials, professional knowledge and practical skills of their application in intelligent manufacturing and grasp solid basic theories in materials, mechanics, control and so on.

04 Sports training

Admissions have the technical level above or at the national second-class athletes of designated projects. The major cultivates applied senior professionals who master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of special sports training, and are competent for specialized or professional sports teams, enterprises and institutions, and sports teaching and training in various schools with modern competitive sports concepts and good cultural literacy, innovative spirit and practical ability.

(Translated by HU Kun)