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HNUST Ranks 188th in the 2021 Best Chinese Universities Ranking

Recently, the 2021 Best Chinese Universities Ranking (BCUR) was officially released by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. There are a total of 582 universities and colleges of China entering the main list, with HNUST ranking 188th nationwide, 7th in 31 universities of Hunan province and 5th in Hunan provincial universities respectively on the list.

The 2021 BCUR encompasses more than 1200 universities and colleges that can grant bachelor’s degrees. They are divided into comprehensive universities, seven types of single-subject universities and three types of non-public universities in order to properly reflect the differences in natures and types of universities and ensure the fairness of the ranking by virtue of differentiate indicators.

The evaluation system of BCUR, a three-dimensional supervisory assessment of the schooling level of Chinese universities, relying on the data from the "University 360 Degree Data Monitoring Platform", has set 10 evaluation modules, subdividing 35 evaluation dimensions, embedding hundreds of evaluation indicators, and involving hundreds of evaluation variables.

It is known that BCUR released annually is cited and recognized for the objectivity of its evaluated indicators and methodology by government institutions, experts and scholars, famous universities and authoritative media at home and abroad. The orientation of this ranking is to reflect the core mission of current Chinese universities and colleges and respond to the value expectation of external groups to the universities. Moreover, the two foremost features of this ranking system consist in attaching great importance to personnel training and putting a strong emphasis on serving the country.

(Translated by WANG Yan)