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2020 College Student Micro-Entrepreneurship Competition

Recently, the “2020 College Student Micro-Entrepreneurship Project”, jointly organized by China Youth Daily, China Nation-wide Publicizing Office of KAB and the GF Securities Social Charity Foundation, came to an end in the Competition Achievement Press Conference and the Roadshow of Top 20 Micro-Entrepreneurship Projects. HNUST’s innovation and entrepreneurship team led by Pang Hailong, Liu Yubo, Hao Zitong and Peng Tingting entered the top 20 with the project Video Monitoring Information Security Detection and Protection System under the ‘New Infrastructure’ and won the national silver medal.


According to the main team leader, the team hoped to extend the theme with the key issues of the current era as the entry point, combined with the professional knowledge and the comprehensive ability cultivated in the practice. After preliminary discussion, the team decided to start with the familiar new-generation information technology, and set the title as Video Monitoring Information Security Detection and Protection System under the ‘New Infrastructure’.

In terms of overall thinking, this project, inspired by the background of the battle on the Cloud, is an innovative WOIT engine and vulnerability analysis and detection system after analyzing the drawbacks of traditional technologies. Compared with the traditional system, it has the advantages of moderate time, more accurate scanning of IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities, and more data. Relying on this innovative product, the team conducted market development strategies and product sales path analysis, supported by big data analysis of the client, which constructed a complete entry.

Starting on June 1, 2020, this session is reported to attract a total of 1,100 projects from more than 330 colleges and universities selected to enter the special exhibition session, as of October 30, 2020. On January 6, 2021, with the experts selecting the micro-entrepreneurship projects based on the entrepreneurial team, business model, profitability, innovation, sustainability, and social value, 50 micro-entrepreneurship projects were awarded, of which the top 20 would decide 10 Gold Awards and 10 Silver Awards through the on-site roadshow. In addition, the relevant departments of 20 co-sponsored colleges and universities won the Outstanding Organization Award, and received a total of one million yuan in entrepreneurial support funds and the award certificate for the 2020 College Student Micro-Entrepreneurship Project. At the same time, the roadshow was broadcast live through the China Youth Daily App, Qingchuang Toutiao, the official Weibo of China Youth Daily, the video account of KAB Entrepreneurship Club, Bilibili, Yi Live and other platforms.

(Translated by Peng Jiayu)