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HNUST: Densifying the “Supervision Web” and Stabilizing the “Firewall” to Fight Against Covid-19

Facing the re-outbreak of Covid-19, HNUST is working hard to densify the “supervision web” in the aspect of preventing and controlling the epidemic and stabilize the “firewall” of campus safety.

Supervision should be fully implemented. The Commission for Discipline Inspection of HNUST set up an inspection team headed by Guo Shiyin, Secretary of the commission. Besides, members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Office and HNUST’s Commission Discipline Inspection as well as directors of relevant functional departments were in the team. Focusing on the epidemic prevention and control, they carried out specific supervision and inspection on some important work such as access control and management in 14 contact units and the key places of HNUST. In addition, they issued supervision notification timely, proposed some suggestions on rectification and reform and coordinated with functional departments so as to help them solve problems.

Supervision should be conducted by making a list so that the tasks can be assigned to corresponding departments. Under the guidance of the list, HNUST’s Commission for Discipline Inspection can clarify the supervisory content and urge relevant departments to strengthen functional supervision. The Commission for Discipline Inspection performed “the supervision over supervision” well and promote the precision and normalization of supervision, which has significantly improved the accuracy and effectiveness of supervision.

"Point-to-point supervision" come into effect precisely. In the course of the supervision, Commission for Discipline Inspection of HNUST paid close attention to the key sectors such as nucleic acid test, epidemic transmission monitoring and early warning on the spot at the primary level. They also adopted targeted supervision so as to find problems directly and solve them "practically".

"Service-oriented supervision" warms people's hearts. Thanks to everyone's joint efforts which included the in-time arrival of medical workers and orderly nucleic acids tests of students, these efforts made the workers in the supervision and inspection team smile happily. Based on problem-solving orientation, the supervision and inspection team served teachers and students and strived to achieve both "strictness" and "warmth" in supervision and discipline.

(Translated by SHU Ting, LI Nan)