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The Establishment of a New Educational Paradigm in HNUST

To meet the demand of the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan, HNUST has promoted reform on the education and teaching of product design major, establishing and implementing an educational paradigm of product design, which is value-oriented, driven by design thinking, and characterized by innovative integration

Wu Zhijun, Dean of School of Architecture and Art Design and Director of Product Design, said that since 2012, taking the “double upgrade” of industry and consumption as an opportunity, the Product Design department has been meeting the needs of prioritizing the development of Hunan’s industries and people's better life, and attaching great importance to cultivating high-quality and comprehensive talents in design innovation, and gaining remarkable teaching achievements.

The past decade has witnessed the rapid industrial transformation driven by new technology and the innovation-driven development. In the past ten years, HNUST has promoted the reform of the talent cultivation model and made great achievements in talent cultivation projects and scientific research innovation. Its School of Architecture and Art Design has been awarded as the "Excellent Grassroots Teaching Organization", and the benchmark of Party Construction among colleges and universities in Hunan Province, and named as Advanced Primary Party Organization in Xiangtan City.

According to Wu Han, Head of the Product Design department, the program has promoted industry-based curriculum innovation on the basis of disciplinary knowledge and operational skills. In the innovative curriculum, teachers and students can establish deep cooperative relations with entrepreneurs, government and the public, so as to integrate teaching with application. And they can make full use of open resources to further promote the program of curriculum innovation.

Yang Yuan, Vice Dean of School of Architecture and Art Design and an outstanding young teacher of HNUST, introduced that this course paradigm innovation has integrated enterprise and social design resources into professional teaching, and focused on cultivating students' awareness of understanding and serving the society. Students also said they have benefited a lot from it.

(Translated by Pan Zhuo, Qin Sijin)