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The 2022 Postgraduate Graduation Party & 13th Postgraduate Top 10 Singers Final Held


On the evening of June 6th, the 2022 Postgraduate Graduation Party of "Celebrate the 20th National Congress and Sing for a New Era" & 13th Postgraduate Top 10 Singers Final of "Sing for Dreams" was held in South Campus Club of HNUST. Tang Yayang, Secretary of the Party Committee of HNUST, Vice President Shi Shiliang, Liao Xiangyue and Xie Hui attended the event. Guo Shiyin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of HNUST, and directors of relevant functional departments were also present to enjoy the music feast with the students.


Secretary Tang expressed that an ideal school must have such a lively and happy atmosphere as today's scene in addition to academics, knowledge and learning. He said it was a great pleasure to spend time with the postgraduate students on such an occasion. On behalf of the school leaders and all the teachers, he extended his sincere wishes to the postgraduate students of HNUST.


At the beginning, 16 singers sang I Love You, China with red flags waving in their hands and their passionate singing was interwoven with the warm response of the audience one after another. Wang Weiqiang and Peng Jia from Qi Baishi School of Art sang The Moment for Leaving with deep affection and their pleasant singing made the audience relate to the mood of departure between the lovers. Tan Xiaopeng from School of Civil Engineering and Wu Tongyu from School of Education cooperated in songs Whether and Love Is Over, which showed the emotions in love vividly.


With the spotlight crossed on the stage, a boom melody echoed in the club. The song Go to the Sea brought by Sun Yimeng from School of Mechanical Engineering and Li Yuting from School of Architecture and Art Design stimulated the passion of the audience, and the glow sticks were waved with the melody, becoming a sea of rhythm.


The dance Oath brought by Qi Baishi School of Art. The dancers vividly showed the stories of revolutionaries that they moved forward despite twists and turns without caring much for living or death, and finally helped the Communist Party of China lead the people to victory.


Zhong Guanglin, a master in Energy and Power from School of Information and Electrical Engineering, Grade 2021, participated in the competition for the first time. “We do not regard our partners as rivals. Our success today cannot be achieved without the encouragement and help of our partners and the careful professional guidance of the chief director”, he smiled. As the general director of the party, Ou Ting, a master in Music and Dance Performance, from Qi Baishi School of Art, selected each song according to every singer's personality, and arranged their stage and props design.


After a fierce competition, the top 10 singers among postgraduate students were Wang Weiqiang from Qi Baishi School of art, Sun Yimeng from School of Mechanical Engineering, Wang Wei from School of Marxism, Luo Xinyue and Guo Zhe from School of Laws and Public Administration, Yin Zhen from School of Physical Education, Wu Tongyu from School of Education, Liu Jingwei and Tan Xiaopeng from School of Civil Engineering, Li Yuting from School of Architecture and Art Design.

(Translated by HU Kun, WANG Yuchen)