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Research Developments

A New Technology Developed by HNUST Has Passed?the Provincial?Appraisal

        Recently, the technology of developing PFCS purifier with ferric wastewater produced in the manufacturing process of Potassium Fluotitanate, which is led by Professor Zeng Rongjin and Professor Liu Lihua in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of HNUST, has passed the provincial appraisal by Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

        Aiming at the defects in the previous treatment of ferric wastewater, including substandard sewage treatment, severe secondary pollution of iron-containing wastes and high cost, this technology adopts a new method. It changes the idea of treatment in the previous method into utilization, developing a new technology of producing PFCS purifier with ferric wastewater directly. Having obtained national invention patent, the new technology has already been put into industrial production successfully in Hunan Nonferrous Fluorine Chemistry Co. Ltd in Xiangxiang County, whose products have been applied in Xiangxiang Leather Industrial Park and Sewage Treatment Company. Hunan Nonferrous Fluorine Chemistry Co. Ltd is now developing a production line with its annual output up to 15,000 tons and its products are promoting in the surrounding areas of Xiangxiang.